December 2019

Exploratory workshop in the region of Hannover

A first step has been taken in the region of Hannover – on December 12th 2019 the exploratory workshop for interested parties from the Hannover Region took place. The aim of the workshop was to get to know the MoveMe project, the researchers and the people in the region and to come together for the first time to present the key issues "rethinking public space", "potentials of digital-based forms of mobility" and "society-driven transformation". We would like to thank all participants for the good discussions and we are looking forward to deepen them in future meetings!

November 2019

Research frameworks for the scientific work

The scientific team of the Junior Research Group is ready to start since the beginning of November 2019. We welcome Viktoria Allert, Jan Gödde, Nadezda Krasilnikova and Max-Robert Wagner to the Team MoveMe. In the coming weeks, the individual main topics will be specified from the perspective of environmental psychology, transport planning and architecture and presented in form of Exposés. In combination with the disciplinary approaches in social science innovation and technology research (Dr. des. Lisa Ruhrort) as well as spatial planning and transition studies (Dr. Meike Levin-Keitel) we are approaching the mobility transitions in the region of Hannover.