Bridging Concept

The bridging concept – interfaces of different disciplinary research activities

In the research project MoveMe different spaces, from urban to suburban and rural areas, play a crucial role for mobility transformations: The thesis that different problem definitions long for different approaches and measures in regard to specific spatial categories is specified and further developed within our research work. Based on a relational understanding of space that brings together spatial and social science perspectives, a theoretical bridging concept is developed interlinking the various disciplinary approaches. One important interface between the individual disciplinary research projects is the joint empirical work in three sample regions in the region of Hannover.

The three neighbourhoods comprise (1) very urban, highly densely populated urban space, which is characterised by short distances and good accessibility, even with the means of transport of the environmental alliance, (2) more urban, less densely populated suburban spaces with still relatively good accessibility, and (3) rural, low population density spaces, which is, however, strongly oriented towards the regional centre of the City of Hannover and is characterised by pronounced commuting relationships within the Hannover region.