Nadezda Krasilnikova

As a doctoral student in the MoveMe project, I am concerned with the questions of the redesign and new shape of public spaces. The focus of my work is on the potential of flexible forms of living and working for the transition of mobility. The aim is to work on guiding principles of spatial planning in order to promote traffic shift and avoidance in different types of space. My work in the Junior Research Group ties in with my previous research at the RWTH Aachen University on the transformation of work, mobility and living in the neighbourhood.

Previously, I graduated from the Southern Urals State University in Russia (as a diploma in Urban Design) and subsequently completed a master's degree in architecture at the RWTH Aachen University. During my studies at the RWTH Aachen University I worked in different interdisciplinary groups with a focus on urban research. Examples are: Kolleg Europa (organized by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, the German Academic Exchange and the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S.) and Zentrum für urbane Unsicherheit (organized by Schader Stiftung).

In my free time I like to learn something new, be it statistical methods or slackline running.

More about my field of interest